What is VMware vCenter?

It is a Datacenter Management APP developed by Vmware Inc in order to monitor the virtualized environments. Vmware vCenter provides a central system which supports in evaluating the performance of virtual machines held on distributed virtual datacenter. Previously VMware vCenter Server is called VirtualCenter. The main reason for designing VMware vCenter Server is to support the virtualized cloud infrastructure. Companies today are hiring vmware engineers,
Vmware architects
, vmware - nsx engineers, vmware-citrix to look after virtualizatimachineonment.

vCenter is a Server i.e vCenter Server which is placed at the primary server which helps in virtualization. It operates as the virtualization machine manager for the whole environment. It Facilitates data center administrators to manage all the virtual machines by forming a central management console. vCenter provides statistical data related to virtual machines and provides information related to provisions and the ability to scale the to adjust and scale different parameters such as storage, memory , compute and it also helps in managing other resource management functions. It controls the functions of virtual machines with respect to the specific benchmarks and aids in optimizing resources based on the requirement thereby provides consistent efficiency throughout the entire virtual architecture. Apart from the usual management, vCenter provides high security by defining and monitoring the access control from and to the virtual machines, interoperability and the live machines migrations, web services integration & virtual machine environments.

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Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-VMware-vCenter/answer/Jalagam-Suresh

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